Programmer: Maurice van Veen
Art: Pim Kraster

This game is currently free to play!
(Only tested for Windows)

Magneto is a Game about matching magnets of the same color. The shape of these magnets isn’t relevant, just score as much points as you can to compete with your friends.

How to play:

It is very easy to play this game. The only thing you have to do is to score points by matching the magnets with the same color.

To move the magnets you have to click on the magnet you want to move. After clicking a magnet it will rotate, indicating it is selected. You can now click on an arrow pointing in the direction you want the magnet to go. After moving a magnet another magnet will randomly appear on the board. You can also hover your mouse over a block and click on W,A,S,D or UP,LEFT,DOWN,RIGHT to move the block in the direction that you want.

It gets harder, because they are magnets. When you place a magnet next to another of the same color, both magnets will be magnetic so you will not be able to move them anymore.

To score points you have to match 3 magnets with eachother. To do this you have to connect them, the shape you match them in isn’t relevant, you could score with every shape.

When you matched the magnets they will score points and disappear from the board. These magnets will now appear in the background and can now form bonus points to create combo’s.

To create combo’s you just have to score points when there are blocks on the background. You will have a random chance for them to form bonus points.

This is all you need to know to play this game.

Block Algorithm:

  • < 50 : Red or Yellow Block50 & < 300 : Red, Yellow or Orange Block
  • 300 & < 600 : Red, Yellow, Orange or Purple Block
  • 600 & < 1000 : Red, Yellow, Orange, Purple or Green Block
  • 1000 & < 2000 : Red, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Green or Gray Block
  • 2000 & < 3500: Red, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Green or Gray Block
    (and chances to get the Black Block version)
  • 3500 & < 4000: Red, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Green, Gray or Pink Block
  • 4000 & < 4500: Yellow, Orange, Purple, Green, Gray, Pink or White Block
  • 4500 & < 5000: Orange, Purple, Green, Gray, Pink, Blue or White Block
  • 5000 & < 6000: Orange, Purple, Green, Gray, Pink, Blue, White or Black Block
  • 6000 & < 8000 : Orange, Purple, Green, Gray, Pink, Blue, White or Black Block(and chances for spawning two blocks of the same type at a time)

About the Black Block:

The Black Block is a block which will appear after you have completed 2000 moves. This Block will actually be a normal block (Red, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Green or Gray), with the only difference that it’s tinted black. This Block can only be removed by making a chain of at least 4 blocks of the same type. This Block will also be magnetized by blocks of the same color.

Note: there can only be one Black Block on the board at a time! (2000 & < 3500)