Programmer: Maurice van Veen

This game is currently free to play!
(Only tested for Windows)

Dimensions is a Circular Platformer where the goal is to reach the Finish Line (Green Dot). You play as the Blue Warrior and you’ll have to defeat the Red Enemies to be able to beat the levels. A game including multiple stages with a total of 450 unique levels and a minimum of 2 hours of gameplay! And all of this is all for free!! Download NOW!

How to play:
To Play this game you only need to use either W,A,S,D or the Arrow Keys on your Keyboard. To jump just press Space. You have to try and finish the level by reaching the Finish Line (Green Dot). Blocking your path there will be Walls, Enemies, Lavapools, Lasers and all kinds of obstacles. Try and survive the 450 levels that this game brings!